Blonde Ransom

A blonde and her boyfriend are going through they're daily routine in the bathroom when there's a knock at the door. The boyfriend who is in the shower tells the blonde to go answer the door.

The blonde puts on a towel and goes to the door. A man is standing there, and says "Hey hun, do me a favor."

"What?" askes the blonde.

"Drop the towel and I'll give you $500!." replied the man.

The blonde drops her towel and jiggles her tits for the man at the door.

"Thanks, a ton hun, i'll catch you later" says the man and he hands her the $500.

The blonde walks back smilling to her boyfriend who had just got out of the shower.

As he steps out, he says "Hey hun? I just thought I'd let you know John will be stopping by to pay me back that $500 he owes me!"

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