Death or Bongo

These three guys were stranded on this island with no hope of getting off for a long time. Then this 500 pound guy came out of some bushes and said "Okay, I give you two choices......death or bongo."

The first guy said, "I have a lot to live for; my wife and kids are at home. I choose bongo."

The big guy takes him aside and they start banging it right there.

The second guy sees this and doesn't think it looks so bad so he also chooses bongo. Then two 550 pound guys come out of the bushes and they get it on right there.

The third guy is disgusted by this, so he chooses death. After saying this, fourteen 550 pound guys come out of the bushes screaming "DEATH BY BONGO!!!!!!"

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Christian Ryan Martinez - 2012-12-02

this joke would be plagerism! but you just changed the names and characters.

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