The Stuck Vibrator

A lady called her gynecologist, and asked for an "emergency" appointment. The receptionist said to come right in. She rushed to the office, and was ushered right into an examination room. The doctor came into the exam room and asked about her problem.

She was very shy about her emergency problem, and asked the gynecologist to please examine her vagina.

So the doctor started to examine her. He stuck up his head after completing his examination. "I'm sorry, Miss," he said, "but removing that vibrator is going to involve a very lengthy , delicate and expensive surgical operation."

"I'm not sure I can afford it," sighed the young woman. "But while I am here could you just replace the batteries? "

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KyaKizzy - 2012-11-26

Kill me

Cally Muller - 2013-02-06

dnt get stuck

Sabrina Collins-shields - 2013-12-14

Ha ha ha ha

Sun Vale - 2014-10-09

Uhhhmmm.... I think lots of the jokes here are kinda lame, I still prefer my fave site for jokes - ^_^ Check it out! P Its awesome!

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