The Math Teacher

One day little Johnny was sitting in math class and his teacher was asking the class word problems when she got to Little Johnny and said "If there are three birds sitting on a power line and you grab your shot gun and shoot two of them, how many are left?"

"None" Johnny replied.

The teacher said "Actually, one would be left, 3 - 2 = 1"

Little Johnny said "No, if your using a shot gun to shoot at birds then the other one is going to fly off from the sound"

The teacher says "well no the answer is still one, but I like the way you think"

Johnny starts to think to him self "Hmmm you like the way I think huh" and he says to the teacher "Three women are sitting on a park bench and they all have lolly pops. One of them is sucking on it, one is licking it, and the other is biting it. Which one is married?"

The teacher says "The one sucking it of course"

And Johnny replies "No, the one wearing the wedding ring... but I like the way you think"

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Sheldon Cooper - 2013-03-26

Read dis one before but still to funny

Harry Patterson - 2014-06-02

another one

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