Another Christmas Poem

It was the night before christmas,

When all through the house,

Not a creature was stiring,

Not even a mouse,

With mom at the whore house,

And dad smoking grass,

I just settled down,

For a nice peace of ass,

When out on the lawn,

I heard such a clatter,

I sprung to my feet,

To see whats the matter,

When out on the lawn,

I saw a big dick,

I knew for a moment,

It must be saint nick,

He came down the chimney,

Like a bat out of hell,

I knew for a moment the fat fucker had fell,

He filled all our stockings,

With pretzels and beer,

And a big rubber dick,

For my brother the queer,

He rose up the chimney eith a thunderous fart,

The son of a bitch blew my chimney apart,

He swore and he cursed as he wrode out of sight,

And said piss on you all,

And have a hell of a good night.

Comment on this Joke

Nicholas Gruber - 2012-12-25

Twas the Good Friday before Easter, when all hope is near, that we will soon be bashing my brother the queer.My Mother was upstair being F**#ed up the butt, While my sister was down stairs giving herslef cuts.So when I thought I would settle down for a nice peice of @$#, I the saw my dad was in the corrner smoking some grass.The I sprang to my feet to see what the matter, for downstair what was making such a clater?I went on to the lawn and saw some big ears, too then see the Easter Bunny F**#ing a deer.He ran through my door like a bat outa hell then I saw that the fat f**#er had fell. He scatterd the house with millions of eggs, then saw that my sister had really good legs.He went upstair and he took her to bed, then the next morrning my sister was dead.I called the Shierf named Kick then the rabbit pulled off his mask and said I'm Nick! As he was taken out of sight, he rided off and cursed into the night, He said F*** that Sh!t and have a hell of a good night!

© 2012