The Fence

An old couple were out on thier 60th wedding anniversary and they decided to go to the place where they had first met.

After they had eaten the husband goes to his wife "Hey you remember that fence out back don't you?" His wife goes "Why, yes Harold thats where we first made love" Harold then goes "Well, how about we go relive the old time, eh?".

His wife agrees, and a young man nearby follows them out, intrested to see what this is gonna be like.

The old couple get to the fence, get naked and then start rocking and bucking like thier 16 years old! The young guy watches until they finally collapse off the fence and asks them in amazement "How the hell did some old-timers like you get that much stamina?!". The old man, who is still kinda dazed says "Well lets put it this way kid, 60 years ago, the damn fence wasn't electrified!"

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