Rednecks chokeing manuver

A redneck and his girlfriend are having dinner one evening when all of a sudden the redneck's aquentice jumps up and stars gasping for air.

The redneck quickly stands up and realizes she choking on a piece of hamhok.

He starts pounding on her back like a drum and says "you alright?" she shakes her head no.

So then he starts hitting her belly, "how bout now?" he askes.

Her face now red shakes no. "i sure hate to have to do this to you" he says. then he goes behind her and flips up her dress and licks her in the ass crack.

He looks at her and askes her again "you alright?" she shakes her head no and her face is now purple.

The redneck looks at her with defeat and says "Well Im sorry, I guess that dog-gone hinelick manuver don't work after all"

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