Funny Tongue Twisters

These funny tongue twisters are difficult to say and may be a little dirty if you say them wrong.

I slit the sheet - the sheet I slit - and on the slitted sheet I sit.

Try to keep repeating the phrase "Red lorry, yellow lorry"

She sells sea shells on the sea shore !

Six slippery snails, slid slowly seaward.

I'm not a pheasant plucker,
I'm a pheasant pluckers son.
And I'm only plucking pleasants
'till the pheasant plucker comes.

Silly Simon's sitting in a shoe shine shop.
Where he sits he shines, and where he shines he sits.

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Charles Chisha - 2013-02-11

ha ha ha, very funny.

Mie Ngai - 2013-03-07

ThumbsUP :D

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