Yo Mama's So Fat Jokes 7

Yo mama is so fat the only thing stopping her from going to Jenny Crage is the door

Yo momma is so fat last time she seen 90210 is on the scale

Your mommas like a brick she is flat on both sides and gets laid by Mexicans.

Your momma is so big when God said let there be light, he asked her to move.

Your mom is so fat, when she walks out of the candy store with a red turtle neck on people start yellin "Kool Aid".

Your mama so fat she uses the ocean as a bath tub

Your mama's so fat when she walked by a construction site they used her as a wrecking ball.

Your mama so fat when she sat on the toilet she said A B C D E F G get your fat ass of of me.

Yo Momma Soooooooo Fat...... A Car Crashed Into Her And She Said, "Who Threw That Rock?!"

Yo mamma so fat that I told her we won the Super Bowl So she walked outside with a spoon.

Yo mamas so fat I get lost around here

Your mamma is so fat I shot the bitch and lard came out.

Your momma is so fat she got in a monster truck and made it a lowrider!

Your momma so fat she tried to take a bath but the water jumped out!

Your momma is so fat that she went to the bathroom and the toilet got the shit scared out of it

Yo mamma so fat when she missed the school bus she yelled "some one catch my twinky"!

Yo momma is so fat that your dad and her were in bed and tried to kiss he'd have to slap her belly and ride the third wave up!

You'r mama's so fat, when she sit's around the house,"she sit's AROUND THE HOUSE"!!

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