Who Needs a Porsche

There was a mouse and an elephant and they decided to go for a walk in the jungle together. So they set off walking and talking and were not really paying attention to where they were going, when all of a sudden the elephant fell in a hole.

“Oh My!” the elephant cried. “What will we do?…I can’t climb out on my own”.

“Don’t worry” said the mouse. I’ll just run back into town and get my Porsche and we will have you out of there in no time at all.”

So the mouse ran back to town and got her Porsche.

When she arrived back at the hole she backed the Porsche up to the edge. The mouse then threw the elephant one end of a chain and secured the other end to her bumper.

“Here we go” the mouse yelled to the elephant as she put the Porsche in gear and pulled the elephant out of the hole.

“Thank you, thank you so much my friend!” said the elephant.

“My pleasure” said the mouse “Should we continue on our walk?”

The elephant agreed, but as he turned toward the mouse his trunk accidentally knocked her into the hole.

“Oh my goodness” the elephant wailed, “I’m so so sorry!…Oh, What are we going to do now. I’m too big to fit in your porsche!”

“Not a problem” the mouse responded “Just throw your dick down here” The elephant trusted the mouse so he threw his dick into the hole and the mouse climbed out on it.

Once she was out the elephant and mouse continued on their walk with no further mishaps.

And the moral of the story is… ?

“If you have a big enough dick you don’t need a Porsche!”

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