Yo Mama's So Fat Jokes 1

Yo momma's so fat she needs a VCR for a pager

Yo Momma so fat the back of her neck looks like a pack of hotdogs

Your mama's so fat that her belly button makes an echo

Yo momma's so fat her cerial bowl comes with a lifeguard

Yo momma so fat when she walks past window we lose four days of sun light

Yo momma's so fat she had to get baptised at sea world

Your momma's so fat when she fell over, she rocked herself to sleep tryin to get back up again

Your mammas so fat and stupid, when it was raining she used the freeway for a slip and slide

Yo momma's so fat that when the whales saw her they started singing "we are family"

Yo momma is so fat when she goes to a restaurant she has to be greased in and out of the boothes

Yo mamma's so fat she was attacked by japenese mlitary, they thought she was godzillas wife.

Yo mamma's so fat when she went on school feild trips the school had to raise fund to feed her.

Your momma's so fat she makes free willy look like a goldfish

Yo mama is so fat when I layed back on her stomach i rolled twce and I was still in the middle

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Anthony Shane Andou - 2012-11-28

yo mamas so fat that she had to use a satellite for her passport picture

Jordan Ly - 2012-12-04

yo mamas so fat i took a picture of her 3 years ago and its still printing

Janine Demers - 2012-12-13

yo mamas so fat when she went on the skall people thought it was her phone number

Connie Pauley - 2012-12-17

your mamas so fat she cant even take a bath in he hose she has to take itin the sea yor mamas so fat when she sat in the sea the hole world over floed

Reneya Springstead - 2012-12-23

your mama's so fat she put a screw up her but and said oh i'm screwed

Donovan J Staroselec - 2012-12-26

ur momma is so fat when her beeber went off people thought she was backing up.

JD Davis - 2012-12-28

yo mamma so fat even god cant lift her spirts

Jack Lennon - 2013-01-04

Ur mom is so fat on ur 1st bithday she turde aroung and u were 51

Fernando Vivar - 2013-01-04

yo momma's so fat when she walks past windows we lost four days of sun light

Kaitlynn Donegan - 2013-01-06

yo mamas so fat when she went to the moon, she caused a sollar eclips.

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