The Monkey in the Bar

A man takes his pet monkey to a bar.

The man is sitting at the bar having a beer, and the monkey jumps up on the bar and spots the drink condiment tray and starts to eat the red marchino cherries.

He then spots the red 3 ball on the pool table, so he jumps down off the bar and up on the pool table and swallows down the red 3 ball.

The following week the man comes back into the bar with his pet monkey and while he is having a beer, the monkey starts taking the red marchino cherries from the drink condiment tray and puts each one up his ass before eating it.

Confused, the bar tender asks the man why is your monkey putting the cherries up his ass before he eats them, the man replied that after he swallowed that red 3 ball last week, he now checks everything he eats for size first.

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